About us

Behnaz Rezvani , Gallery Director

Behnaz started to work as a Web designer in Bay Area many years ago.
But her passion was all about art and photography. Behnaz sees art
and photography as a tool to connect people with different cultural heritage and to
open a window to an unknown and fascinating world.
She believes when you give someone an artwork you bring, he or she joy and
happiness, a kind of peace and tranquility.
Through years, Behnaz learned the ins and outs of the art world. She is an
enthusiastic reader, and she entirely devoted herself to different areas of art
and art history.
She is determined to deliver success and prosperity to “The Blazing Star Gallery.”

Behnavaz Rezvani , Artist

When Behnavaz began to work as a DSP Engineer in the Bay Area, she never
imagined her life has a turning point. After working years in the technical field,
she got very sick, and she knew she could not continue with this kind of work.
Behnavaz always had a passion for painting, and at that point in her life, she
chose to pursue that passion. She dared to shift her carrier to the art.
As a self-taught artist, Behnavaz found painting both inspiring and challenging.
Art enables people to overcome their pain and find happiness; that was the
inspiration for her paintings.
Fourteen years ago, she devoted herself to various areas of painting, such as
watercolor, ink, drawing, and color theory.
She paints near-original masterpieces of her timeless icons like Winslow
Homer, Ando Hiroshige, and a few more. Through her paintings, we experience a
journey in a storybook with stories about life, pain, and happiness.