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Behnaz Rezvani , Gallery Director

Behnaz Rezvani

Behnaz studied in Vienna/Austria, but she enjoyed reading about Art history and photography in her free time. When she moved to California, she had the opportunity to learn substantially about art history and related subjects. Behnaz believes art and photography connect people with different cultural heritage. She looks at artwork as a mirror of an artist’s feeling and inspiration. She is enthusiastic about Art history and entirely devoted herself to different areas of art and art history. In her opinion, art galleries play an essential role in our community. She loves to deliver success and prosperity to “The Blazing Star Gallery.”



Behnavaz Rezvani , Artist

Behnavaz Rezvani

After Behnavaz finished her education in Vienna/Austria, she moved to the U.S. in spring 1997 and began working as a DSP Engineer in Bay Area. She worked in the technical field for several years, but she got sick and knew she could not continue in technical field anymore.
Behnavaz had a great passion for painting from a very young age, so she decided to pursue that passion. As a self-taught artist, Behnavaz, inspired by the works of Ando Hiroshige and Winslow Homer, began to work with Watercolor and ink. She found painting both inspiring and challenging.
As an enthusiastic artist, she focuses on abstract expressionism, color theory and pop art. She tries to overlap the forms and uses the color theory with a new form of color conjunction.